Jan 15, 2007

Well, that worked out real well

I'm talking about that "I'm taking a couple of weeks off to get reacquainted with the eastern US ski resorts" idea I had. After all, I'd spent the last few years looking -- and heading --- west, so I thought I would keep it closer to home this year and hit the slopes I hadn't seen in a decade or so.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, as you well know. After making stops at the two closest hills, it became obvious that this wasn't going to work. I guess I'll be heading west again this year after all; maybe?

But, from what I am told, the regional places have seen improvements in the time since. Still, I can't imagine what the P&L's of small, privately owned facilities such as West and Willard Mountain must look like. Ouch. At least West has the real estate play working for it as an offset. I doubt that Willard has the same luxury.

Let's hope they can get through this season, and let's hope we soon get buried with the white stuff, for their sake.

This weather will result in some pent-up demand of recreational spending dollars, which will likely boost the register receipts of those offering spring and summer distractions. Like they say: one man's ceiling is another man's floor.

Quick: can we buy stock in the race track? That's right---that's another whole can of worms.