Sep 20, 2013

Tell me how, exactly?

The right to vote is not without limits: felons can't vote.

The right to free speech is not without limits: not with  "shouting fire in a theater" and libel and copyright restrictions

The right to practice a religion is not without limits: how would a human sacrifice ritual go over, ya think?

So what self-professed and self-taught legal expert wants to tell me (again) that he or she has the consti-too-shunal right to own any type of weaponry so chosen, without limits?

Go ahead: give it to me.

Sep 19, 2013

Yea, Stuff is Happening Around Here This Weekend ... (Is that Willie Nelson in Clancy's?)

from the news wire..

Saturday: Featuring The Infamous Stringdusters
Official Farm Aid Broadcast, After-Party at Putnam Den

Saratoga Springs --- With Saturday's 2013 Farm Aid concert at SPAC having quickly sold out months ago, many regional music fans were left highly disappointed to be missing out on this significant, one-time experience.  In response, a plan was hatched to at least partially soothe these folks.

With an idea initiated by representatives of progressive jam-grass titans The Infamous Stringusters and with the help of 518 show producer Robert Millis, Farm Aid's Saturday calendar date will be extended into the wee hours of Sunday, via the Official Farm Aid After Party -- set to take place at the 400+ capacity Putnam Den nightclub in downtown Saratoga.

The Doors 10/Show 11PM event, featuring the aforementioned Stringdusters, will also double as a "thank you" to the corps of volunteers that helped make the weekend of music, education and enlightenment possible.   Admission is free for those team members; $20 for the 21+ general public.

"The word is out that Putnam Den is the master of the SPAC after-party," relayed Millis, an adviser to the Den on booking and marketing matters. "Our Phish runs of the past few years have gained a near legendary reputation in the jam band circles. So getting the ball rolling on this was easy: we had all the parties (the band, Farm Aid, the venue,  Brooklyn Brewery) on the same page in about three days."

In addition to the after-party, Farm Aid OK'd Putnam Den's showing of the "'Farm Aid Live from SPAC" webcast on its big screen, which it will do so from 5PM until the end of the marathon concert which will be taking place just a mile away.  Admission to this portion of the evening is free, with a Farm Aid donation jar in place for those so motivated to contribute to the cause.

The Infamous Stringdusters:

Fan and critical favorites The Infamous Stringdusters are considered as the premier live act amongst the current crop of newgrass (or alternative bluegrass) bands. Their shows offer a complex, distinctive, and groove-friendly sound on top of a traditional bluegrass foundation.  Comparisons range all over the musical map, from Earl Scruggs Revue to Nickel Creek to Old And In The Way to Leftover Salmon to too-common "if Phish played bluegrass" quotes.

The band emerged in 2007 with the acclaimed album Fork in the Road on Sugar Hill Records.  Within months. it won three awards at the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards Ceremony: Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. They have since been nominated for 2011 Entertainer of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association as well as a 2011 Grammy for Best Country Instrumental.

Attendees can look forward to what the band calls "a performance, not a show." The Infamous Stringdusters are on top of the grassy-side of today's Americana genre; having them on-board as the closing act for the extended Farm Aid weekend is a special treat.

Farm Aid Live from SPAC
(Big Screen Showing)
Saturday, Sept 21
5PM - End of Show (approx 10PM)
Free / All Ages

The Official Farm Aid After-Party
Saturday, Sept 21
Doors 10 / Show 11
Featuring The Infamous Stringdusters
Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery
$20 / 21+

Both Events At:
The Putnam Den
63 A Putnam St
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866