Jun 9, 2013

Cops, bars and cop bars

Another night, another fight in Dango's involving the Spa City's finest.

I don't know the specifics of this altercation --  all I need to know is that a) it's not the first involving the Boys in Blue; and;  b) it's not the first that occurred in this particular bro-bar/meathead-hangout on the site of the former Madam Jumel's on Caroline Street.

What's weird is how police officers tend to spend ALL their time together -- whether it's on the job or off. You always hear of "cop bars" where they hang as a unit. They drink together, go to the gym together, vacation together, marry each others' sisters and there are even whole towns (many in gun-friendly Idaho) that are retirement enclaves for thousands of them at a time.

I would bet that psychiatrist could have a field day exploring all this.