Aug 17, 2006

Albany grad hits it big in chip business

Quiz Time...

Question: From the universe of every UAlbany graduate in history, can you name the individual that will personally rake in the biggest bucks for calendar year 2006?

Is it some nanotech researcher? A best selling author? A Wall Street gunslinger? Yours truly? Wrong; especially the last one.

This honor will undoubtedly go to one Jamie Gold, the principal of the JMG talent management and TV production group in scenic Malibu, California. Although he apparently makes a good living in the Hollywood circles, the bulk of Mr Gold's super fat paycheck for the year comes from a rather interesting diversion: poker!

Gold is the recent winner of the World Series of Poker Texas Hold 'Em championship. After coughing up a $10,000 entry fee, this Great Dane honors grad walked away with an astonishing $12Million grand prize -- and a shiny gold bracelet to boot.

To think, we once ran a story on UAlbany kids wasting away their lives --- and tuition money --- playing in online tournaments for hours (and sometimes days) at a time. Maybe we need to publish a correction? Or an apology?

One might now conclude that the promised career opportunities in the chip business for our local students ARE for real. We just assumed they were talking about computer chips all this time; not poker chips!

Late Breaking News: It is being reported that a portion of Mr Gold's winnings have been ordered held, as a supposed financial backer is claiming one-half of the kitty. Maybe our hometown hero was daydreaming during that Business 101 lecture on "make sure you get it in writing?"

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