Sep 6, 2007

Waiter, there's a lien on my steak!

This Joe Greco character is a real news hog.

The not-so-affable owner of the overpriced and underwhelming Golden Fox restaurant in downtown Troy made some noise last week by announcing his intent to open up a 400-seat performance venue a mere block away from his current digs. Keep in mind that this location would put the new enterprise within walking distance of both the Troy Music Hall and Revolution Hall, both of which are established plyers in the ultra-competitive live-music field.

But Mr Greco's claim that he had verbal commitments from such artists as Norah Jones, Harry Connick and Spyro Gyra made anyone even remotely connected to the music business scratch his or her head. These artist are all lined up to play this 400-seat lounge (his words), remember. This guy was either totally out of his element, was living in a fantasy world or he was outright bullshitting. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was one of the first two.

Yesterday comes some interesting details about other events that were taking place in Mr Greco's life at about the same time he was letting the world know all about his grand plans of becoming the Mr Vegas of The Collar City. The Times Union reports that he was caught -- twice--- attempting to wheel meat and fish out of his local supermarket without bothering to undertake the normal compensation process.

Maybe Norah Jones has a big meal clause in her performance rider?

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