Nov 15, 2007

Big Night Out for Congressman Kick Ass

Oh yeah: two things on the John Sweeney deal:

1) Surprised? Ha!

2) Why isn't the 24yo female passenger facing charges? For those of you unaware; certain media outlets are reporting that she was allegedly found placed on former Congressman Kick Ass's lap when they were pulled over, possibly the cause of the lane-swerving episode. Conflicting reports raise the issue of what specific portion of her body was on Mr Sweeney's lap.

Now, I have no objection to this type of activity going on in a car, mind you. My only problem is that it should't be happening in a MOVING car.

So, why isn't she being cited with some sort of endangerment (or similar) charge? Any lawyers out there want to help us out here on this?

-------- Follow-Up to the Above (Nov 19) ---------------

We posed the following to the NYS Troopers'Public Information Officer on 11/15/07:

Dear Sir/Madam:

In relation to the recent JOHN SWEENEY arrest, we propose the following question:

* If, as reported, Mr Sweeney's passenger was discovered to be sitting on his lap when pulled over by the NYS Troopers, are there not any charges that SHE could / should receive?

After all, such an action on her part creates an incredibly dangerous situation.


The Response, received today:

These purported actions were not witnessed by our Troopers and are not part of our official report. These unsubstantiated allegations were never reported to the media by our agency.

NYSP - Public Information Office
1220 Washington Ave., Building 22
Albany, N.Y. 12226
(518) 457-2180
(518) 485-7818 fax

Now this raises some interesting questions, does it not? Hence, we submitted this follow-up question today:

Thank you for the repsonse

Final questions:

- If the word "sitting" is taken out of my query, would that effect your repsonse?
- Specifically; was the woman in any type of contact with Mr Sweeny when pulled over ?
- What is the official reaction, then, to this report by The Times Union?:

Ever since reporters first learned about Sweeney's arrest, there has been a lot of curiosity about the account of state troopers that a woman was on Sweeney's lap when he was pulled over. The troopers hadn't seen her at first, they said; they were startled to realize there was a passenger in the car, along with the driver.


We await...


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homer said...

I want to know who this geezer-loving 24 year old is! Publish her photo, name and address?