Dec 11, 2008

A random nostalgia bite

A funny scene the other eve:

I was invited to a young man's birthday celebration. Young, as in eleven years of age. After the requisite candle-blowing and gift-opening, the kids retreated to the living room while the adults retreated to the kitchen's liquid offerings.

Soon after, I heard the long lost but familiar strains of that 80's classic Whip It soaring through the air. Yes, it was those lovable, pot-wearing devils by the name of Devo kicking it up. Peeking in, I found the young 'uns taking in the famous MTv video that accompanied the song. Remember when MTv actually showed music videos? I do.

"Yeah, he got his hands on an old tape I had from back in the day on the life and times of Devo," the lads Mom related. "He must have played the Whip It clip 50 times by now."

Now, weren't we all similarly enthralled by this master work of story-telling when we first saw it? Let us recall the basic plot line here:

Cowpokes let off a little steam after a hard day on the range by downing a few cold brewskis, roughing-up their bitches, shooting off some rounds, getting into a little S&M voyeurism and raping the cross-eyed Asian neighbor.

Ah yes: nothing like reinforcing some of those good ole midwestern family values, is there? So, for your nostalgia fix of the day, may we present ....


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