Jan 6, 2009

Paterson's Excedrin Headache

How'd you like to be in Governor Paterson's shoes when it comes to the need to fill Senator Clinton's soon-to-be vacant seat?

You've got three political dynasties (I use that term very loosely) --- named Kennnedy, Cuomo and Clinton -- all hounding you to go with their recommended pick 'from the family'. I'm surprised the Bush twins aren't part of the mix. Yeah: a two-for-one sale!

Here's to hoping he takes the better route and comes up with a choice that is not among that media-dream short list.

Maybe Tom Suozzi?

Heck, the Guv might be doing himself a big favor with that one by eliminating a potential challenger to his own re-election bid. Wouldn't that be a nice chess move?


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