Feb 25, 2009

Get those hands off my ...

Now this story has already gotten its fair share of play this week, but we just couldn't resist piling on. Here are the bullet points:

- Young 16yo lad (pictured) gets to jones'ing for some brewskis, and proceeds to procure a 30-pack of Budweisers.

- Lad's dad discovers this stash and proceeds to take ownership of it.

- Young man objects and demands either the return of the beer or monetary compensation.

- Dad refused both offers.

- Lad stabs Dad in the back with a pen knife.

- Dad drives self to hospital.

- Lad is locked up.

Now, once we get over the somewhat humorous aspect of this incident, there are some rather important questions that need to be asked:

1) Was the Lad in his right to require compensation for his persoanl property; and was Dad obliged to provide it? Or does the fact that the Lad is a minor, under Dad's supervision, negate that requirement? What role does the fact that it is illlegal for a 16yo to possess alcohol play in this matter?

2) What exactly is a Budweiser 30-pack?

UPDATE: our crack research team has uncovered a photo of this new consumer product. It has also learned that there is an easy can-dispensing cut-out on it, which ensure the frosties keep on a coming.

3) Is that a mullet the kid is wearing on his head? I thought those things went out the door with that giy who sang Achy Breaky Heart?

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