Apr 6, 2009

Write a check; ensure integrity!

Campaign elections are expensive; the bills keep rolling in even after Election Day. It's tough enough squeezing people for money before the race, darn near impossible to do it after. So, a good campaign needs a GIMMICK!

Jim Tedisco has one to get you to write him one more check. Here we go, direct from his campaign website:

I need your support now more than ever! Will you donate today to protect the integrity of this election?

With your help we will fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted fairly and accurately. This election deserves to be decided by the voters – the voice of the people. We cannot let the democratic process fall victim to carelessness or dirty tricks.

You can help us today by making a donation to the Tedisco Ballot Integrity Fund. Your financial support of this fund will give us the resources to protect the integrity of this election. When the votes are counted, I firmly believe we will win and we will send a strong conservative voice to Washington.

Didn't John Sweeney make his name within the GOP ensuring some ballot integrity down in Florida in 2000? You remember Congressman Kickass, right? Isn't this old hand available to help Jimmy Disco in his time of need?

Oh, that's right: Mr Sweeney is a bit pre-occupied this week with his own problems.

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