Feb 12, 2010

Taliban forces shows local strength

The Taliban insurgency showed new signs of life today with a suprising initiative in the city of Albany, NY (of all places). Apparently, the forces of moral supremacy have taken over that city's police force and launched an all-out attack against the most notorious example of moral corruption: college students. Here is the summary from the war front:

"Three University at Albany students and another man were arrested Thursday for operating an illegal bar after an investigation of a party at a college apartment at 495 Hamilton St, police said."

The story went on to state that "police had been investigating the apartment for several weeks." No there's a great use of law enforcement manpower. The prisoners will be hauled into city court, possibly in bamboo cages. A respected mullah will fly in from the mountains of Pakistan to preside.

So now college keggers are classified as "illegal bars." Does anyone know what the statute of limitations might be on these matters?

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