Apr 18, 2010

This revenge isn't so sweet

Idiot pukes on kid at ballgame ... on purpose

Picture this: you bring the kids to an early sesaon major league baseball game for a little family bonding and memories that will last a lifetime. You settle in to those expensive seats, and take in the sights of America's pasttime. Ah, yes, spring is definitely here now.

But things turn ugly, real fast. A bunch of drunkend sports bar / sports radio types sitting behind you are heavily into the suds. Shouted obscenities ensue, which is not what your two young daughters need to be hearing. You give them a frown as a polite way of letting them know of that fact.

The reaction is not what you were hoping for: a giant phleghm ball is directed your way, and lands in the hood of Daughter A's sweatshirt. This calls for action, and you take the proper course and proceed to have stadium security escort the hooligans out. Problem solved.

Well, not quite. One of the gang soon returns, plants himself behind Daughter B and then pukes all over her. Yes, pukes -- as in vomits.

Accidents will happen, of course. But this was not an accident. No, the offender here, one Matthew Clemmens, performed this act deliberate act of vengeance, as reported here.

I would assume that fact somehow explains the black eye.

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