Sep 7, 2006

Just the Facts, Please

I know that Ronald Reagan admonished his fellow Republicans from saying uncomplimentary things about one another. I'm not sure if there is a similar rule for members of the journalistic professions. Come to think of it, there can't be: just tune in Fox News some night.

I guess that allows me the opportunity to chide my friends over at the Capital District Business Review for a story they have on the front page of their current edition. It is there that we can read the disappointing news of the closure of web development firm Virtual Flow.

Sure, a fairly high profile company going out of business can be considered story-worthy; whether that makes it front page worthy, I'm not so sure. But my bone is of a different flavor:

Why is the story highlighting -- complete with a photo -- the FORMER owner of this business? She outright sold the company to one of her employees over a year and a half ago, tossed him the keys to the front door and went on to a new challenge of raising a family. Why did the reporter feel obligated to track her down with phone calls as a means of getting her into the mix of this tale?

Granted, I'm personally close to those involved here, but I don't think this effort of striving for effect does anyone justice.

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