Sep 21, 2006

Schenectady or Stalingrad?

So was the question posed by my friend 'The Llama" down at NYS Environmental today. This in response to his reading of the workings of the Schenectady Police Department as they went about reigning terror on a city family.

Armed and outfitted as if they were raiding a Taliban cave, a small army of Schenectady's finest barged through the door of a Prospect Street residence, handcuffed two children (ages: 11 and 12) and started blasting bullets at their pet dog, eventually chasing it into the bathroom where it was successfully killed.

Despite some debate over whether they even had the right address or not, the police brass are high-fiving one another on this exercise. The Times Union quotes Assistant Chief Michael Seber as saying "We had the absolute right house. We had the absolute right target."

And what's this "target thing" all about, you ask? Apparently, the PD has reason to believe that the family's teenage son had recently sold $40 worth of pot. Yeah, this was a real drug factory here, wasn't it?

I just made a decision: the TVT has officially ended its discussions with the City of Schenectady about that music festival it was looking to bring into town.

After all, knowing what we know about our crowd's recreational habits, we'd end up with a few dozen of them taking bullets. For their sake, we'll pass on Schenectady. I recommend the same to others.

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