Oct 27, 2006

I was born at night, but not last night

Here's a good one--this just happend:

The phone rings here in Action Central. It's a mid-level member of an industry support & development group within our coverage region of eastern New York. They're good folks and we've always gotten along well with them.

This person, whom I've never met, has some great news for me: they wish to pay homage to the Tech Valley Times for its excellence, its contributions to the business community, for its blah - blah - blah. Such homage will come in the way of being named a finalist for some awards ceremony they're putting together in the months ahead. Sounds great, doesn't it?

But there's a catch. Unfortunately, we are not an official memmber of this particular group; as in a dues paying member. Apparently, this just won't work. The solution, naturally, is to rectify that shortcoming so we can proceed with our being an honored component of the upcoming festivities.

There's a similar trick used by some unwashed members of our industry: "we'll run a story on you if you feed us some advertising." Maybe this group should track down one of them.

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