May 17, 2007

On AMD, Luther Forest, SEMATECH - and readers like YOU!

A big THANKS to all the folks that were nice enough to send us the kind words on our recent round of e-newsletters and editorial columns, specifically the AMD at Luther Forest and International SEMATECH at Albany Eye on Tech Valley features of the past couple of weeks.

Heck; here's another round of THANKS to the two of you that wrote in with the not so kind words! We actually DO appreciate them just as much -- we're all about supporting an Open Source dialogue; so keep it flying.

A third THANKS to all of you that made financial contributions to Tech Valley Times through our new Tip Jar. The comments attached to each one were just as valuable as the funds themselves. Alan Chartock and the WMHT people have it right after all!

Yes; we WILL dedicate a good chunk of that incoming wave of support to finding an editor that has a little more use for a good old fashioned spell-checker!



The Lab Rat said...

compliments on both pieces. very well done. nice to see some real news analysis instead of the usual event regurgitation of the local papers.

Java Princess said...

Excellent work.

Thomas Alfalfa Edison said...

imho// these are the best such stories or columns written on the matters/// i considered it a major loss when you stopped printing the actual newspaper//// it is much missed in our office///// we could use more coverage like this in the area////// well balanced but also opinionated at the same time////// a rare find in this post-lit age