May 25, 2007

Tonight's lead story (no doubt)

Let's see; it's about noon here on Friday, Memorial Day weekend. Here's a prediction on what you'll see as the lead story on at least one of our crackerjack local broadcast news stations tonight:

A live remote from Exit 24, with a breathless "wow-- look at all the cars!" spin.

Followed, of course, by a "gee, gas prices really high; let's interview this guy over here about how it effects his vacation plans this year."

Those crews not there alongside the Thruway will instead be up on the main drag of Lake George village, interviewing a shop owner about the coming tourist season.

We've never seen this stuff before, have we? Just the latest example of 'lowest common denominator' lifestyle-journalism at its worse.

Any wagers?



PeaceGrrrrl said...

I must admit: you were right on. On at least 3 channels, as per my station flicking.

Anonymous said...

U woulda won did bet.