Aug 4, 2007

The cult of Marylou

I decided to venture down to Congress Park in Saratoga to witness the people at Marylou Whitney's annual gala. No, I wasn't interested in the Queen's party guests--those are the same old has-beens, year after year.

Instead, I had to get a look at these people that actually go down there to do the above! What exactly do these individuals look like? Are they the kind of people we see in our everyday goings-on, or are they a different breed entirely? Any similaritities to the crowd you see in a WalMart at 2AM? Any parallels to be drawn to the worshipping of Eva Peron in a different era?

But, a problem arose: I ran into someone I know. When's the last time I actually ran into a fellow native Saratogian while downtown? But it happened last night. Great timing, right? They likely thought I was part of the gawker set; a full fledged member of the Cult of Marylou.

That'll serve me right for venturing out of the house in August.....

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