Jul 27, 2007

Burgh to Bruno: Move It

A lovely time at Opening Day of the Saratoga races on Wednesday. Clear skies, lovely fillies, good company in the box. Everything was perfect.

Well, almost perfect. This guy ruined it. Actually, the first thing I saw upon entering the hallowed grounds this year was Uncle Joe Bruno standing at a podium, hammering away at the Governor for all the nasty shenanigans he's been up to.

Someone please tell me WHY the New York Racing Association feels obligated to host this type of event? It would be one thing if the Majority Leader had some breaking news on the racing franchise agreement or major changes to the state's breeding incentive program. But he didn't. He' just pissed off that someone else is pissed off at the way state resources (planes, helicopters, security) are used for political campaign efforts.

Memo to Mr Bruno: move the next press conference down to road to The Horsehoe Inn. Some of us are trying to enjoy a simple day out of the office with friends.

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