Oct 1, 2007

Talking shop -- on a nano level

Last night was interesting...

An enjoyable dinner for two at The Pump Station was extended for a few additional minutes by a gentleman at a neighboring table, brought on by the standard "I couldn't help but overhear you talking about..." introduction on his part.

It turns out that this fellow is with International SEMATECH, freshly relocated to Albany from Austin as the chipmaking R&D consortium continues to increase its local presence. He related how the balance of his week will be dominated by his playing the role of tour guide, showing the Capital Region to a 40-person contingent of associates as a way of assisitng each one individually determining if they wish to make the same relocation as he did. An estimate of "about 50%" was the reply to a question of "how many seem to be saying 'yes' so far?"

The balance of our chat was devoted to nano topics including the current state of lithography (EUV vs immersion); the history of SEMATECH; leakage issues; wavelenghts; yield rates and similar subjects that are near and dear to all those folks toiling at the busy corner of Fuller Road and Washington Avenue Extension.

Good stuff, especially with it taking place between three strangers on a random Sunday night in the Ole Towne. But this is the kind of thing we're all hoping for; right?


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