Feb 12, 2008

What a combo at LobsterPalooza !

Do you like lobsters? How about top-shelf live music? Have a taste for craft beers? Or maybe you just enjoy people watching?

If you answered YES to any of those four (we aye'd ALL of them!), then we've got some fun lined up for you in June.

It's the eight annual Albany Lobster Festival (now called LobsterPalooza); which is actually three festivals in one.

And we're right in the middle of it! Yesiree, we've been given two missions:

1) "Up the ante" on the musical front (shifting it from primarily local acts to those of the national touring variety); and..

2) Rounding up corporate supporters for this worthy fundraiser -- where we'll trade you a great big ad campaign for your company in return for your financial help.

Get on board! You wouldn't be able to buy this advertising exposure for the cost of being an event supporter; so direct some of that marketing budget right over here to the good people at The Albany Rotary Foundation!

It all funds some great community progrmas with NO admin fees; courtesy of 300+ volunteers and the generosity of the Fest's media and in-kind partners.

Join in...


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