Jan 30, 2008

Agency of record? So what?

Just a question that hit me today while sorting through the usual incoming barrage of news releases:

What is it about the advertising and public-relations industries that makes every company within either feel they must announce to the public the names of each and every new client they are lucky enough to have landed?

"The XYZ Agency is proud to announce that the Turkish Embassy has retained its serices to design a new organizational identity..." (note: code-talk for letterhead and business cards).

Do we care?

If others followed suit -- and if the traditional media outlets extended the same space that they currently do for these usless tidbits -- we'd be buried in it.

"McDonalds of Latham today announced the names of the 2,105 customers it served on Tuesday."

"Lia Honda was chosen as the preferred dealer by sixteen car-buying customers yesterday. The happy motorists are......"

"Nano Burgh is pleased to announce the IP addresses of its 617 site vistitors on Monday."

Enough...go away.

There. I feel better now.


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