Apr 23, 2008

Reaching out for the youth market?

Hearing some chuckles from the two young interns here at Action Central was a welcome change. I've accused these young 'uns of being too uptight; too concerned about such mundane issues as grad school choices and resume-writing than about enjoying the prime time of their lives. So the source of these hearty bellows raised my curiousity.

That trigger was a piece of junk mail in the incoming-news mailbox. Specifically, a sales pitch from boutique airline Spirit Air -- which I use on a somewhat regular basis, actually. The email was boldly proclaiming their current promotion: a MILF Sale.

What's so funny about that, you ask? Well, go ask a college-aged young man what the acronym MILF stands for and you will get a rude awakening. If you're about to Google the phrase, be warned: Adults Only!

Gee whiz, do you think someone screwed up at Spirit Air's ad-agency here or what? Or, maybe they are just reaching out to the frat-house demographic. After all, it is spring break season, and the airline serves a number of those markets. Hmmmmm? Ya think?

Nah, there's not that kind of creativity in the advertising industry today.


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