Apr 4, 2008

The Tallest Man On Earth is coming to town! Eek!

The Grand Enigma -- aka The Tallest Man On Earth -- has the Scandinavian citizenry scratching its head. Never photographed, while at the same time the subject of rumor and legend in his native Sweden's rural forestry, he is the mystery minstrel of Europe.

Armed with a simple acoustic guitar and nasal-twang of a voice that brings the dreaded "Dylanesque" comparison, The Tall One (as he is known to his few trusted human allies) actually draws a more direct line of influene to the ghosts of Woody Guthrie and Son House. The result is a haunting, sparse sound that conjures up visions of Dust Bowl-era America, but with an emphasis on nature's natural course and lovelorn relationships as opposed to the political undertones of some of his influences.

Rumored to be 12'5" tall, this guy has twice been captured on audio; the first being his self-titled 2005 EP, which sprang the cult hit It Will Follow the Rain and made his the near-darling of the Swedish cafe and beer fest crowd (which we didn't know actually existed, but why would we?).

The recently released full CD Shallow Grave is a materpiece of pure acoustic Americana, filled with three minute ditties that are as concise as they are spooky in their tone and delivery.

We heard about this guy from an incredibly musically-knowledgeable pal one night; she turned us on to this dude and we've hardly seen her since. Thanks, A! More, please.

But, there's only one thing to do, right? Yesiree--let's bring this guy across the pond and get him over here into the USA, where he rightfully belongs! Mission accomplished; as we have The Tallest Man On Earth coming in for two local shows on June 7th:

- Afternoon: at the LobsterPalooza Festival in Washington Park in Albany (with Ominous Seapods, Amy LaVere, etc)

- Evening at The Parting Glass in Saratoga (with Knotworking).

Get to one of these shows; you'll be glad you did.

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