Jan 27, 2010

Random blips

* Of my 50 most recent business-related (although at times such a distinction is a fuzzy one) communications (phone and email), 48 of them are with people with whom I previously interacted with beforehand. Of those 48, 28 are people I have never met, in a physical, real world sense.

That's all on that: no deep thoughts, heady analysis or profound conclusions. Just keeping you up to speed on my life.

* You've got to hand it to Apple. What other company (or nation, for that matter) could slow the interent to a crawl with a product announcement, resulting in a couple billion people tuning in for its live webcast? They don't need to advertise on the Super Bowl; they can produce their own Super Bowl.

* The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee looks like they are at it again. The small band of activists that have controlled the party's operating structure for a few years -- and driven it into the ground as a result -- are reportedly turning on one another.

The view from here: too much idle time can be a dangerous thing, espcially in the wrong hands.

* Obama is being advised to back off his "if they want a fight, they'll get a fight" posturing towards the big-banking cartel. Why? What are they going to do, crash the world economy or something? On second thought...Nah, let's rumble.

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