Jan 8, 2010

What's the word? Shovelware!

"Bullshit, huh? That's a good word. I like it."
- Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond

"They've got the internet on computers now."
- Homer J Simpson

My new favorite (or favorite new) word: shovelware.

Rough translation: the result of re-deploying content (news stories, videos) that was initially utilized in traditional broaadcast mediums (television, newspapers) to the internet.

This process and strategy is but one more example of old media's not quite getting it.

For examples of shovelware, simply visit the web site of any local newspaper or television station.

Equally embarrasing are the blogs found in those same places, which fall into one of two camps:

* "Look at me, I'm blogging" -- the work of in-house staff or management. SOS and BFD.

* The outlet's take on (so-called) community journalism -- posts offered by outside contributors. Typical subject matter here might include an ongoing anlaysis and debate on a random celebrity's new haircut, the best place to get your nails done or the proper etiquestte for asking a co-worker on a date.

The shotgun or LCD (lowest common denominator) business model of the long-running broadcast era succeeded for all that time because there wasn't a valid alternatve. That is as true of their content-carrot as it is their value proposition to advertisers.

Sorry to tell you folks, but your gig is up.


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