May 20, 2010

Now this is how to do a parade

We all know the type: guys (and to a lesser extent gals) whose leisure time is devoted to globetrotting the world, seeking and attending those places and events that stand out as the ultimate fun grabs.

Sometimes referred to as scenesters, these people fall into two basic demographic categories --- pre-marriage and post-marriage --- both of which afford the time and money for this perpetual pursuit of nonsense.

Rio, the Derby, Mardi Gras, Oktoberest, the Olympics, various music fests, the Super Bowl, and on and on. Where there's a mob, there's a party; and everyone loves a good party, right?

But after putting our crack public opinion polling department into action this morning, none of our scenester friends were cognizant of this event (below) called the Bay to Breakers, an annual alleged foot race in San Francisco. Take a look at some random craziness from this clusterfuck:

Furher investigation (this time from our crack research department) reveals that this is a major deal on the west coast social calendar, complete with massive nudity, rampant public drunkeness, random sex and violence, frightened children in costumes and all the other activities which should appeal to the modern leisure class. Nanoburgh scenesters: you are now advised.

With the horse racing season possibly on the brink, Saratoga's tourism oficials might be advised to make a road trip to check this gig out. SPAC to Track, maybe?

SPECIAL THANKS: to the most excellent Barstool Sports for making us aware of this craziness.

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