May 4, 2010

Who says Republicans don't have any original ideas?

Just bring livestock to the Doctor's office!

A little bit late, but it turns out that the Republicans DO have their own idea for reforming health care in this nation. It's called barter!

That's right: the next time you're heading to that doctor's appointment, head out to the chicken coop and pluck a few fat ones from the bunch. Bring 'em with you, for chickens are the new currency for health care delivery!

Don't believe me? Well, just ask the GOP's newest Golden Girl (sorry, Sarah); US Senate candidate Sue Lowden:

But don't fret for Ms Lowden. If she loses this race, I'm sure that FoxNews can find a spot for her. She'll fit right in.

Now; I wonder if my lawyer will take nite crawlers for my consultation tomorrow? I have a few of them left from the weekend's fishing trip.


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