Feb 16, 2011

How to reinvent a city

In the good news department:

It's so refreshing to see an example of urban renaissance, where a down & out old Industrial Age relic of a town can show significant signs of making a comeback into something fresh and exciting. In this case, that story belongs to Hudson, New York.

Here's part of the story, highlighting how the burgeoning creative-music scene is playing a major role in this turnaround.

This is a model that I have personally long-advocated for both Albany and Saratoga Springs. But who listens to me ...

Hudson, NY --- Once construction was finally done, Club Helsinki Hudson proceeded to have such a prolonged, soft opening—months of sound checks, followed by a long wait for the chef, Hugh Horner, to finally take up his post—there was never a clear ta-dum! moment for the rejoicing to begin. READ ON

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