Feb 24, 2011

Putnam Den steps up to Capital Region's live music forefront

April 20 Rusted Root show signals expanded bookings

Saratoga Springs --- Opportunity presents itself in a number of manners.

The unfulfilled demand for a specific product is one of the key examples of such; and the ability to recognize that opening and then execute a strategy to fill its void will reward those few that can do both. There lies the formula for successful business enterprise building.

Saratogians Jonathan and Tiffany Albert, owners of the Putnam Den entertainment venue in the downtown district, are nearly two years into such an initiative. Their reading of that city's live music landscape --- dominated by cover bands but lacking a year-round stage for original artists, both touring and local --- resulted in the couple's major remodeling investment of the former Backstreet Billiards and the creation of the Spa City's most-buzzed gathering spot.

The void was filled, and the party flows with constant and consistent foot traffic.

Now, with that early momentum and success under the belt, the Alberts have elected to up-the-ante on April 20th, where they will host the first of many planned high-profile and popular national acts with the appearance of the multi-platinum world music-meets-jam band act Rusted Root hitting the stage for a 9PM performance. Tickets available here.

The Pittsburgh based band has been playing since 1992, building a loyal following based on its high energy live shows. Its radio friendly hit Send Me On My Way put the band into the stratosphere , making them one of the major acts in the nation, circa Y2K. Although a few years past that peak, Rusted Root remains a very popular summer festival attraction; the Putnam Den show will serve as one of their rare and final 2011 indoor gigs before that open air season kicks in.

With the show, the Alberts are, in essence, announcing that their 500+ capacity venue is now the premier mid-sized music room in the Capital Region, picking up the considerable slack left by the closing of the beloved Revolution Hall in Troy. There lies another void needing a fill-in.

Here's to that vision. Now let's all support this valuable community resource by attending these types of shows, or even placing the occasional orgnaizational / social mixer into the facility as a means of giving the business community a taste of creative art -- and creative entrepreneurship.


(Disclaimer: the author assisted in the booking/contractual aspect of the Rusted Root event referenced in this article. He has no financial interest in the business. )


petey said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I wish them success.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for headlining the new venue Putnam Den. Here's to their success.


What a score, Rusted Root

"Send Me On My Way"


Eric said...

Thanks on this, both for educating us about this venue and for your personally making the Rusted Root show happen for them.

I was not aware of Putnam Den being this level a music room. I guess my mind was still stuck thinking of it as that head bang pool room of a few years ago. It sounds like it is making a stab at being a kind of Rev Hall North, as you hint at.

Rusted Root will be good. Sure, they have a little of that one-hit wonder stain to them, but they have the goods and their shows are always top notch. I saw them at a big festival 3 years ago and they definitely brought it.

As the previous poster said, this is a significant score for a room that size.

Again: well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

I cannot picture where this is?