Jun 25, 2011

Idiots Being Idiots at the Spa

Saratoga is sorely lacking in a locally-centric blog of quality, attitude and a keen awareness.

With the disappearance of i-Saratoga and Disutopia of Saratoga Springs (please guys: bring 'em both back!) and with JT at Saratoga Politics (aka Saratoga in Decline) concentrating his razor sharp focus on the homegrown kookiness known as NXIVM, a destination site for getting a pulse of the city is noticeably absent to those of us that care about such matters.

Into that void slips You Idiot (aka: Idiots Being Idiots in Saratoga). Apparently operating since late '09, this site delivers rapid-fire, cut-to-the-chase, take-no-prisoners observations on the people, places, events and happenings of The Spa City.

Not for the easily offended, but highly recommended by us here at Nanoburgh. Add 'em to your weekly reading list. You'll be tickled pink that you did.

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Idiots Being Idiots team loves you. said...

We found this article to be pretty fucking amazing. Thanks Nanoburgh.