Jun 26, 2011

The SEO Fraud

I was recently asked to write a column for a corporate newsletter about the 'The Scam of SEO' epidemic -- and had on my Sunday night to do list getting an outline started for just such an article.

Lo and behold, my own incoming reading list alert this AM shows a short article that beats me to the punch and highlights the same themes that I was about to embark on. You can read Why SEO Disgusts Me by Mark Shaefer right here.

I guess I need not run with my re-hashing effort. No sense possibly getting accused of plagiarism, after all.

For a local example of the unethical use of this tool, one look no further than the one and only NXIVM organization; they of the alleged cult-like practices, legal terrorism, blogger threats and other hijinks. Just take a look at one sample (of many) from their current initiative of gaming the SEO airwaves to tilt traffic in their direction -- and an attemnpt to whitewash their rapidly sinking reputation.

Surprised? Me neither.

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