Oct 29, 2011

Dumb Ain't Good


LD said...

this should be emailed to every Teabagger, saying here-this is about you. But they wouldn't even understand it.

ShoeRat said...

I still have the postcard I received from Isaac Asimov in high school, after I wrote him about whether an anti-matter world would have a temporal vector opposite our own, and so a means of time travel could be achieved if a sufficent amount of anti-matter could be brought together. I was stunned when I received a response. He was quite kind to a young kid.

Later on, I picked up a B.S. in science, a M.S. in engineering, and significant training and experience in the nuclear power field. And I have remained an avid science fiction fan along the way. Personally, I don't consider this the path of an anti-intellectual.

On April 15th of 2009, I attended my first Tea Party rally (please keep your homosexual slur of "teabagger" to yourself, sweet cheeks). Is it anti-intellectual to re-examine the role of government in a free society? Is it anti-intellectual to recognize the historic fact that the federal government can not extract more than 20% of the GNP as tax revenue no matter how the taxes are structured, and that spending above that level implies a long-term structural deficit? Is it anti-intellectual to consider that to be wrong?

There are well-considered and well-reasoned arguments against the pathway Obama, in the footsteps of LBJ and FDR, is dragging America. They are not anti-intellectual.