Nov 22, 2011

Bring Out Your Dead! Family Jam Nite

Hall of Fame inductee comes to Saratoga on Saturday, 11/26

Grateful Dead's Tom Constanten leads New Moon Revue into Putnam Den

Saratoga Trivia:

Question: Has a sitting member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ever performed in a Saratoga Springs night club?

Answer: No, but...

That will change on Saturday as former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten plays the downtown Putnam Den as part of a newly-formed all star jam band ensemble.

Constanten, inducted with his mates in 1994, was a member of the Dead on the three late-60's albums that best signify its first of several musical transitions. His earlier years of having been a classical child prodigy and the training under European avant garde masters is often credited with his playing a major role in the group's shift from straight-ahead blues into an electric psychedelia that was heavy on instrumental improvisation and spaced-out lyrics.

From his perch behind the keys, Constanten had a first hand view of the Dead's rise from its Bay Area roots to a thriving national act, complete with its dedicated throngs along for the ride. Yes, he was there for the Acid Tests. Yes, that's him on the groundbreaking Live Dead. Yes, he played at the band's disastrous Woodstock appearance and was right in the middle of the Altamont mess. This guy no doubt has some stories to tell.

But by 1972, Constanten moved on. The Dead's next transition into what would later be called alt-country was of little interest to him; nor was the heavy touring schedule that was now stretching into Europe. His pursuits since have included classically-inclined solo releases, workshops, and in-residence posts at universities. But it was his running into a couple of east coast jam band vets that has TC back onto the performance stage in a live group format.

Vermont-based pedal steel and banjo master Gordon Stone – sometimes called the Phifth Phish for his collaborative work with that mega group – was in the mood for a new ensemble. He roped in Constanten, Rev Tor front man Tor Krautter and a rock solid rhythm section for what is called New Moon Revue. The group's style is a blend of rock, psychedelic jamming and countrified blues.

The Saratoga show is part of a short and linited Thanksgiving season run that has the group working a mix of materials from the extensive combined back catalog from each of the founding members.

Keeping with the Grateful Dead / Family Jam theme of the evening is the opening act, The Garcia Project, which recreates complete set as done by the Jerry Garcia Band.

(featuring Tom Constanten, Gordon Stone and Rev Tor)
w/sg The Garcia Project
(Recreating the Jerry Garcia Band Experience)

The Putnam Den
63A Putnam St
Saratoga Springs, NY
Saturday, November 26 - 9PM
$15 Online Advance / $18 Door

Discount Advance Tix Here


Nanoburgh? said...

Well, we had an interesting link sent to us, pointing to the fine NIPPERTOWN blog, where they were calling our bluff here and correcting us on our "never happened in Saratoga" point here.

As pointed out, DION played a gig at THE METRO nightclub.

Yep, that sure meets the qualifiers.

Now, aren't we felling embarased and ashamed and..


We think it's great, getting the covo going on one of our favorite subjects!

Dee said...

Now THAT was one mighty fine show, kind sir.