Nov 3, 2011

Saratoga Election Predictions

The crystal ball says...

City Mayor:

S Johnson (R) def. B Wilkes (D) +16 pts

Comm. of Public Safety:

R Wirth (R) def C Mathieson (D) +14 pts

Comm. of Finance:

M Madigan (D) def K Ivins (R) +10 pts

The remaining four elections are non-contests, as the incumbents (Franck, Scirocco, Yepsen, Veitch) are running unopposed. So, we predict all four will win!

Note: these are not endorsements. They are gut-feel, non-scientific predictions.

No polling was undertaken. Why not, you ask? For some unexplained reason -- and despite its near perfect track record in the nailing the last four years of regional elections (seriously) -- none of these campaigns hired the NANOBURGH POLL for its strategy, modeling or planning. So: no pay / no play! Go figure.


Will.I.Was said...

Nah. MM will never pull it off. Plus I would not rule out BW. We agree on the PS one.

The Bear said...

How often do you roll into the old town? Hit me up the next time? Same # as it was back in high school!

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping you're correct on the Mayor's race.

Wilkes is just plain frightening. He's running for an office with the stated goal of dismantling it via his self-serving Charter Change.

Let's hope or the proper outcome on Nov 8.