Feb 17, 2012

Random Bytes - Feb 17

Goodbye Miss Albany

This is why Metroland is such a gem: whereas the chain-media vultures would go hunting to uncover some waitress who didn't get her final paycheck or who's late paying taxes, these folks zoom in to the real heart of the matter. Read about the passing of the Miss Albany Diner.

Jimmer Who?

Jimmermania is officially dead. Mr Fredette, the pride of Glens Falls, looks lost on the NBA court and is a total non-factor in the league. All of the concerns about his making the step up to the top pro level --- slow feet, bigger guards, more athletic inside defenders --- are all proving true.

NXIVM, part 83

Although new revelations have yet to appear after the first three, the Times Union is at least finally letting its Jim Odato run with his four-part recap of that wacky NXIVM ponzi scheme/sex orgy/personality cult (take your pick; or all of the above). That, we reckon, is a good thing.

But we'd still like to see some intrepid investigative reporter develop a smoking gun of a case on any of the scandalous and serious charges (tax evasion, child kidnapping, rape, wire fraud, etc) against this mob which have floating about for years around here.

After all, it looks like that's what it will take before some prosecutorial agency gets off its ass and drags somebody away in handcuffs.

In the meantime, one of the players in this drama has taken a "have a taste of your own medicine" approach to seeking his own personal vengeance.

Former Saratoga man-about-town Joe O'Hara, who at one time was involved in NXIVM's dirty tricks department until even he got freaked out by the extent of the measures employed there, is going ballistic. Using what has long been a favored tactic of NXIVM is silencing its traiterous enemies (i.e., legal terrorism) O'Hara is using the civil courts to turn the tables and is suing anyone and everyone that has ever been involved in its inner workings. The number of named parties could rival an army battalion in its length, falling just short of including the groups janitors and groundskeepers.

How strong a chance he has on the merits is doubful, as per this legal amateur's reading of the first filing. But merits have never been the primary concern in this food fight -- so why start now? It''s all about bankrupting your opponent by means of years-running legal maneuvering. Let's see how this plays out.


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