Mar 30, 2012

Did YOU Rock SPAC?

A new project from the Nanoburgh publishing empires's skunk works department....

Help fund this masterpiece by pre-ordering some copies for your library. They will make great gifts!

The early start to this has been fun, in hearing people's (friends and strangers both) stories of their experiences at SPAC. Back in the day and all that.

That's how we're doing this baby; letting peeps contribute. Bands, fans, workers. Feel free to do the same: email us with anything that pops into your head about SPAC. Who knows, it might make the published book!

PS: if you submit a tale but want to remain anonymous, you'd better say so right up front! We have a feeling there will be a whole lot of that!

Visit the Kickstarter page here for more info +/or to contribute/pre-order.



WJR said...

I will send a check to you direct.

I also have a photo you might use.

Raining Iguanas said...

I just sharpened my pencil and grabbed a clean sheet of paper. Hmmm.