Oct 10, 2012

It's A Raid: Poker Police on the Prowl

Exclusive! As First Reported Here on Nanoburgh!

Yeah, that's how the brain-dead media approaches the news: it only counts if you were the first to report it. You ever watch reporters dashing out of a courtroom after a verdict is read? It's like a 100-yard Olympic dash. Content or perspective (or accuracy for that mater) doesn't seem to count; it's all about speed. So, we'll play that game today, just for kicks...

Anyways, here's what we got:

- A low-stakes poker game was raided on Monday night in Saratoga.
- The location: the former #2 School building on Van Dam Street.
- Over a dozen individuals were in the middle of their weekly get-together when personnel from several agencies (city, county, other) came barreling in.
- The two hosts were charged with some variation of the "promoting gambling" statute.
- The others were not, but required to give over their name, address and phone numbers and told to basically sit by the tell'y.

So, why has this not been reported in the city paper, or any other outlet for that matter?

The answer is this: the law enforcement agencies are after other (and hopefully bigger) fish in this poker pond. Yes, they are planning more raids in the very near future, and are trying their best to keep this initial move quiet so as not to tip off others. So they have not published these arrests for that reason.

There you have it: in a city awash with unsolved violent crimes and public corruption allegations, our public safety resources are charged with breaking up private poker games.

Isn't that just the nuts?



Anonymous said...

ur shitting me, right?

Anonymous said...

I am flabbergasted by this

Ben lives on said...


Gerard Hawthorne said...

Bob can you post this on facebook so we all can share this? This is crazy shit right here!

Nanoburgh? said...

In response to a Direct Mail message sent to us here on this post:

A. A false claim on your part. We never said that Commission Mathieson "lead the raid" or was even aware of it, for that matter.

B. We did say that "local" authorities were involved in the action, with other agencies. We stand by that.

C. The bottom line is that our story has held up to scrutiny.

Now, if I could: let me recommend a primer in Logic 101 for your benefit.


Nanoburgh? said...

So, the brain-dead media's finally reporting on this today, are they.

Looks like our points are being verified to the proverbial 'T' as well.

Hmmmmmm.....some letter writers and 'Burgh critics need to eat some crow today. Or eat something else!

Facts matter at Nanoburgh.

Never doubt us!