Oct 19, 2012

Poker Raid Follow-Up

There is NO truth to the spreading rumor that local law enforcement agencies raided a local game of FISH in their now-familiar guns-drawn mode last night.

The facts on this matter are as follows:

- It was just the little 4yo brother of one of the participating 7yo's, entering the room to show off his crimer-fighter Halloween costume to the older kids.

At least we think that's what happened.  But all bets are off in this town.  Just hit up any of the gentlemen from the Van Dam Street poker game that was recently raided --- and ask if they've gotten any word on when (or IF) they ever get their TV, refrigerator or food back.

Yes, you read that correctly: they even took the food!  Our finest must have a little extra pocket change, given they didn't need to buy lunch a couple times in the past few days!

In other developments, Nanoburgh has learned that the personnel tally on the original incident is as follows:

* 13 Players
* 15 Participating Law Enforcement Officers

Also: they showed up with one of those door-busters, ready to rumble. Fortunately for all involved, the door was wide open and they were able to stroll right in.

OK, we need to run. Our squawk box police scanner is blaring an all hands directive; something about a deck of cards being seen at one of the city's retirement homes.  We're on our way. Full report on News at 6....



Anonymous said...

I just saw Mathieson's Council Agenda for next week.

It's a motion to ban all playing cards within the cities limits.

I Got A Tummy Ache said...

Who runs this town? The Pope? Some Ayatollah? A Born Again Something Or Other? Citizen Clancy?


Anonymous said...

Breaking News! We have found out that John Franck, Harry Manios and Frank Parillo may be planning casino activity on south boardway after they finish monopolizing the entire area.

Tonight We Ride! said...

Funny. But not really. Scary actually. The race track flourishes and is considered the economic engine of all engines. But a dozen guys playing poker get busted.

Do any of you carpetbaggers know that there is gambling going on at that race track? Yes, there is. It might even have something to do with why so many people show up. You ought to stop over sometime and see for yourselves.

That inclues you, Commissioner!