Dec 1, 2006

A not-so-Hot 10

I guess the recent shift to a being a new- age, digtial news delivery service disqualifies anyone of us here at the Tech Valley Times from being considered as "members of the region’s media outlets" any longer. To wit...

The Albany - Colonie Chamber of Commerce yesterday released its annual Tech Valley's Hot 10 list for 2006. Here's some of the spin from their press release:

The Tech Valley initiative garnered a great deal of national and international recognition in 2006. In the process, the region has proven that it is home to some of the most outstanding and talented individuals in the world.

With a long list of outstanding innovators, it is not easy to compile a list of the most influential. To help in this difficult task, the Chamber turned to members of the region’s media outlets for assistance.
Guess what? For the first time in the four years of this thing, we weren't asked for our input.
That's too bad--I've taken a good deal of pride in the names we have nominated in the past and was always pleased to see many of them make the final cut. Especially gratifying was hearing someone say "I never heard of this one person before, but he/she is certainly doing some good stuff," knowing they were referring to one of our choices.
I guess this means that the Chamber defines 'regional media' as just the local branches of the old school corporate mega chains; print and broadcast. You know, the ones that aren't actually owned by anyone IN the region.
And I think it shows, given this year's Hot 10 - - which included just three individuals from commercial, private sector companies. Plus, I believe that nine out of the ten are repeaters from prior years.
Wasn't there anyone else doing any work around here for the past twelve months other than these usual suspects????

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