Apr 11, 2007

Back to the mail bag

It's been awhile since we hit the mail sack, so here we go with a few:

To Amy in Troy: Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The rantings of a mad man, aren't they? Now you see why the individual in question needed to go somewhere else.

To Phil in Albany: Yes, the internet radio world is in a state of disbelief as it tries to figure out the logic behind the new royalty rates that were just recently handed down. This ruling is so off-the-wall, and so anti-competitive, that I am hoping Congress can / will do something about it. We're looking into the issue very closely, because the timing couldn't be worse -- for us. But then again, how would you like to be a netcaster who signed the interim agreement last year stating a set rate but who is now being told this new scale is retroactive and he owes $100,000? Figure that one out.

To Peter in Albany: We appreciate the nostalgic trip down memory lane and your fondess for ye ole 'print' edition. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Never say never.

To Dr R at RPI: Yes, it DOES take two to tango. But my dance partners are all advised to wear steel toes.

To Kim in Poughkeepsie: Get back up here! Nothing's been right since you left. We can't even log into the accounting system anymore! Oops, never mind: we just got in.

To Kim in Poughkeepsie (again): OK, here's my contributions: If a boy; Felix. If a girl; Gladys. There, aren't you glad you asked for my input? Shall we open up this suggestion box to everyone?

To Tim in Glens Falls: I'll give you 2 to 1 against.
To Anonymous in Who Knows Where: Well, that's not a very nice thing to say. Hey; you weren't the loudmouth that felt obligated to interrupt my dining experience a few weeks ago with a similar rebuttal to that piece, were you? If so, I owe you a HUGE thanks: the owner of that place felt so bad for me after witnessing your unpleasantries that he comp'd our dinner! Maybe we can take turns doing that for each other? Where ya gonna be next Friday?
To Steve in Albany: Your comments are much appreciated; we certainly are on the same page on this matter. Now, I need to figure out a way to introduce you to Anonymous (above). He apparently disagrees with our position, and I would love to get him into your ear and out of mine.
To DJ Respect in Albany: Say what? I wouldn't know where to start with your letter; but I sure got a kick out of reading it. More, please.
To Rich in Troy: I can officially deny that rumor. Come on now: do you think I would sell out to a corporate behemoth? Besides; fighting those pesky windmills can be a blast, don't you know?

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