Apr 30, 2007

Note to Apple: it's not 1984 anymore

I was just forced to (once again) watch the current Apple Computer television spot; in this case it interrupted my lunch break peek at MSNBC. You know the one: the guy who looks like a young Steve Jobs making fun of the guy who looks like a young Microsoft's Bill Gates, busting his chops over the supposed superiority of the ever-so-friendly Mac O/S as opposed to Windows.

This ad shows how dead in the water Apple seems to be -- as far as its computer line, that is. Very sad: whereas this Steve & Bill routine might have played well about twenty years or so ago, doesn't Apple have anything new and better to brag about other than this ancient (and mostly irrelevant) "but it's so much easier to use" tagline?

With the Apple share of the corporate computing market hovering somewhere between one and two percent and its margins continuing to fall -- all while it's digital music consumer products and online service continues to bring in the cold hard cash -- I have a feeling that Apple management would love to be able to find some type of convenient and face-saving way OUT of the computing hardware market.

Someone forward the Lenovo Group's phone number out to the folks in Cupertino.

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