Dec 13, 2007

Fast take on the Harriman announcement

A quick reaction to yesterday's press conference in Albany, where Governor Spitzer unveiled his new plan for the Harriman Campus, a footprint long touted as being a key componennt to the region's economic development future and fortunes:

To this humble observer, it looks like a step backwords from previous visons for the campus. It now appears that the state offices (and workforce) that have long beeen planted there will remain, whereas the original game plan was to relocate the vast majority of them elsewhere.

Bad move.

This space, being physically located within a shout of both UAlbany's main campus as well as the Albany Nanotech / College of NanoScience / Sematech facility needs to become an extension of all those, and be dominated by private sector businesses involved in the commercialization of the IP associated with them. It's time we called some of our own bluffs here and went for the gold. State offices should not play a part in this vision.

Move them out of Harriman; get them out of the way. Just don't make the typical mistake of moving them into the downtowns throughout the region.

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