Aug 11, 2011

Fixing It: Saratoga's 9/11 Memorial

The Problem:

Like many towns and cities, Saratoga Springs has been allocated a section of the WTC's steel as the basis for a local September 11 monument. Members of the community are now bickering over the proper location of such a display.

The Fix:

The train station off West Avenue.

The Logic:

The rail line from that station runs directly to New York City as an unbroken link, thus establishing a physical connection between the two cities. In addition, the depot is often the point of departure and return for residents making a trip back & forth. There is plenty of space available for the monument, there is ample parking and bus service -- and its remote and quiet setting provides a suitable atmosphere for reflection by visitors.


WFE said...

Some will argue about the somewhat out of the way location, wanting it to be in a heavy traffic area. But I think your idea has merit.

Do we know if the gentleman from Saratoga who was killed that day took the train from here?

If so, that would be the clincher.

H said...

Not bad.

Now move back and run for something?

David Byrne said...

Stop. Stop. Stop Making Sense
Making Sense. Making Sense

Anonymous said...

Your idea is too heady for the powers that be. They all think in a tourist mindet. How do we place this thing into the tourist mindset? That's why the first two locations under consideration are both Broadway locations.

The same with the very appropriate question asked by WFE about Don K's trip that day. Such a thoughful consideration will fly right over their heads.

It's all about the tourists. Simple as that. That's how this city operates.

Anonymous said...

Of course it would be the first thing that visitors to our fair city would see.....

K W said...

Good to see you writing about Saratoga a bit more.

Anonymous said...

A good suggestion and worth putting on the table.

Home Run Baker said...

no, no, no, no.
well, maybe.
where's the train station?

seriously, though.

the headjerk reaction is always to place something like this downtown on broadway, thinking that is where the most people will have access to it.

but the truth is that, as pointed out on here by a previous poster, downtown is for visitors, not residents. the parking hassles, motorcycle noise and crowded sidewalks keep us year-rounders away from broadway.

so if the purpose of the scuplture is to provide residents with something, then downtown should be a non starter.

while not entirely sold on your transit center idea, it is a better alternative at least.

Snooki lives here? said...

Put it in the courtyard of the Riggi house on North Broadway. Its mangled steel will fit right in with that horrendous looking building.

Ben lives on said...

I not seen the sculpture nor do I plan to until its finished, then I will make my judgment

I think the Drink Hall would be fine and the whole thing reminds me of the 15 year battle against the Carousel led by respected Saratogian Mimi Boster. People were fucking hysterical in their opposition. People quickly forget the cries it would ‘DESTROY’ the park and people said they would lay down in front of the DPW to stop this “desecration” of Congress Park.

I think the opponents of the memorial today are about \as intelligent as they were then

Nanoburgh? said...

<6:01 Comment rejected by Moderator>


Factual assertion by an Anonymous contributor about a private individual without a supporting case or facts -- and which if proven false would likely be considered libelous.

Nanoburgh? said...

My big-pic question is WHY do we feel the urge to turn this 9/11 Art/Memorial into a tourist attraction?

Any 'Broadway' solution is just that, given that the downtown district caters to out of town visitors and not to city residents.

As much as Saratoga likes to consider itself as being a "walkable city" where people wander dwontown to socialize and trade, the reality is far, far different.

So, the question involves a discussion on my first point: who are we seeking to serve with this display?

Personally, I do not think it to be a potential magnet for money-spending tourists, but rather a community-building asset. If that becomes the consensus, then both the Visitors Center and the City Center options should be rejected.

I've suggested the train/transit station -- but I realize that is not a perfect option by any means.

I am therefore open to consideration of additional ideas from others.

Anonymous said...

Yikes !!

Nanoburgh? said...

Wow. I received that mass mailer from Joel Reed at Saratoga Arts myself this afternoon. It burned my eyes just to read it, such a flame piece it was. He is one PO'd mofo.

It really is quite remarkable that he would blast off like this, on just about everybody involved. Here he is a nonprofit, dependent on the whims and fancies of the local power brokers, yet he flipped them all the virtual finger today with this --- via the Council's mailing list, no less.

Maybe he got job offer someplace else and this is just his way of saying "buh-bye"? That would be neat.

(I ran into a Board member shortly after receipt, and asked he reaction. A set of rolling eyes is all I got. This makes me curious to the Board's reaction. Did they see this beforehand? If not, how will they react?)

Notice how Mr Reed rips into Mrs Amyot, without directly naming her. Here she is, one of the supposed players in the city's art scene (yes: some pretend there is an art scene), yet the city's Arts Council director is basically calling her an idiot. Ouch, dude.

Pretty good drama. With Ms A. Mr Reed, Mr Tighe (who has launched his own tirade against Ms A on his own blog) and who knows what other characters might be joining the fray (Fischetti? Bronner? York? Kim? A lost race track drunk?), this could be REAL fun.

I'm tuning into the webcast, for sure. More fun than an $8 movie.

But, they'd best be advised to have extra security on hand.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that Mr. R does have plans to be somewhere else....soon.

Someone mention that he is 'out' to 'disgrace' Bev M. ( another dem) who also wrote a letter earlier on .

The Arts Council website has posted their unpublished letters to the Saratogian. Scary. Very scary.

Tomorrow night at one end of town will be the Council meeting and the other end of town will be WMHT celebrating Saratoga at The Zankel.

Bronson said...

I don't think the TRAIN STATION has been considered as an option to date, has it? But the argument made for it has some good points worth thinking about.

Space? Yes
Parking? Yes
Bus Service? Yes
The City to City Connection? Yes
Quiet Setting? Yes

The spread-out landscape out there prevents this very substantial and large piece from dominating and dwarfing the neighborhood, as would any of the places being thought about so far.

Another brainstorming idea to support the thought: a small exhibit could be setup inside of the station, documenting the background of the scuplture and how it made its way up north to our city

Pammy said...

It looks like your idea is taking hold. It will be interesting to see who brings it up (and takes credit for it!!!!!) at the Council meeting tonight.

Nanoburgh? said...

Note to whoever is boosting this blog over on the Saratogian web site (Mr Bluster and a few others):

Such action is surely appreciated, but whenever that is done, people think it is our own self-promotion gimmick.

As to the question of why I don't comment over there: I actually think I've been banned ~~~~~~!


Kim R said...

Hah! I wonder why?

4everDumb said...

Maybe he's been banned because he is an idiot?

Anonymous said...

Attending last night's council meeting made me sick, seeing what passes for citizens of this city.

Old, bored, cranky, mean spirited.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mr Bluster here:

Been boosting your idea, because in my mind, it is the only good idea.

And thanks for coming up with the idea. If you have been banned, then I feel bad.

Nanoburgh? said...

Then again, maybe I just forgot my password.

Either way, it's really not worth the time and effort to rectify.

Nanoburgh? said...

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Personal attack.
Topic unrelated to this post's subject.


Why does one feel motivated to critique Blogger A on Blogger B's site?

Would it not be more appropriate to direct it to her blog?

Anonymous said...

Good blog, thanks. There seems to be an assumption that art should only be something that is pleasant to look at and something you might want to hang over your couch. That is simply wrong. Great art often conveys strong and controversial messages. Think of Picasso's Guernica, painted in response to the bombing of a town. Saratoga's 9/11 memorial has already made people think and argue about what is the appropriate way to remember 9/11. Hiding an unpleasant memory will not make it go away--better to put it somewhere that will keep the conversation going, like in front of the visitor center.

futureman said...

The visitor center is a perfect location. The train station is not. Too far out of town with only limited people seeing it. The visitor center is a respectful location with plenty of space on a huge lawn. It will not block the buidling and in that location it will be seen by all.

futureman said...
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Saratoga Artist said...
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