Feb 9, 2007

White Trash Nation loses one of its own

(Originally poblished on Albany Rants)

Did I see this right last night or was I hallucinating?

Right there, on a cable broadcast station, comes a news bulletin telling us that the (suddenly) late Anna Nicole Smith's redneck mother has just announced that she would seek to gain custody of the buxom one's infant daughter.

A f'ing news bulletin! No, I'm not making this up--or am I?

Anyways, the flags will be at half-staff today at trailer parks throughout the land, as the white trash mourn the loss of their beloved and cherished icon / role model. Yes, this is the person we should worship to the point that her death dominates the talk shows, isn't it?

Let's do a recap of her life, shall we...?

Better yet, let's not--CNN, ET, MSNBC, FoxNews and all the others have that covered.

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