Feb 19, 2007

CEG choice expected this week

It's not exactly the College of Cardinals holed up in The Vatican selecting a new pope, with the world waiting for a plume of white smoke announcing that they've made their decision. But there is some local interest as to who the Center for Economic Growth will tab as its next CEO.

The inside word (yes, we have a tipster allegedly connected to this process--now let's see how good his/her information REALLY is!) tells us that the regional economic development group "is just about there" in finalizing its choice and that a public announcement will be forthcoming in the next couple days.

We've also heard some of the names that have made the final round of contendors for the post. A couple of them frankly scare us, for these individuals are on-record as being of the old-school wing of economic development philosophy -- emphasizing bricks & mortar, tax subsidies and cheap overhead cost as opposed to the new economy drivers of talent, social capital and tech transfer. Such an approach would set the region back in tis forward looking growth.

Without naming too many of the names that we are hearing, we will say this: the CEG would be doing a good thing by giving strong conseideration to both of its internal candidates (Jeff Lawrence and David Rooney) as well as the Harriman Campus Project's Michael Tucker.

We won't spill the beans on "who" we've been told has already been offered the post--- but it will be interesting to see if our fly on the wall was actaully, well, there on the wall!

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