Mar 5, 2007

Great customer service -- another example

With the new passport requirements kicking into effect for air travel between the US and Canada -- today seemed ike a good idea to head down to the Saratoga Springs Post Office to start the process of getting my papers up to date.

The noontime hour seems like the perfect time to make such a run, doesn't it? Being caught in the middle of another of my typically crazy, event-filled days, I was willing to skip lunch just to get this headache taken care of.

But, silly me. I forgot that post office workers need to have their lunch too, but they aren't as willing to give it up as I might be. The result: "I'm sorry sir, but the person that is in charge of processing passports is on his lunch hour. He can help you at 1PM."

Wouldn't you think that someone calling the shots here would figure out that this "new" postal service would receive its biggest onslaught of customers during the lunch hour? Wouldn't you think that they would therefore re-schedule their personnel so as to better serve ......

Ah, forget about it. What's the use, right?

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