Mar 8, 2007

Readers Picks = self promo opportunities

Guest Submission
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, I love Metroland and all. A a great paper and surely one of the best support mechanisms for Albany's music and arts scene. I hope they prosper and continue on forever into the future.
But, please, Metroland: get rid of the yearly READERS PICKS. This is nothing more than ballot stuffing, as various cafes, restaurants, rock bands as so forth figure what great publicityit it would be to win one of these categories and then brag about if for the next 15 years.
If you need proof, here's one example: the area's "Best Local Alternative Band" is.....Sirsy!
Just to clear the record here: Sirsy is not "alternative," nor are they a "band" (rather they are a duo), but I guess they ARE "local." But unfortunately, they're not really too good. Actually, they kind of suck.
But they obviously know how to get out the vote. Maybe there's a day job here for them as election campaign managers. Someone give them John Sweeney's number. Can you say "COMEBACK," ba-by?

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