Jun 8, 2007

Goodbye new friend

My guess had been correct. When I asked if she were a Rolling Stones fan, the answer came with a quick "of course I am, silly" and a great big smile. "That album was my theme song way back as a little kid," she said. Without further prodding, I knew she was referring to the Some Girls release, 1978.

So began my first chat with one Diva de Loayza. The setting was the morning coffee portion of our February TechValleyTimes FORUM session, where she had come to learn about the topic de jour: Guerilla Marketing in the Digital Age. All in support of her burgeoning mini-empire of funky fashion boutiques sprouting up in the Capital Region and beyond. Each one named Some Girls, as per the soundtrack of her youth.

Diva left this earth on Wednesday, the tragic result of a car-meets-bicycle incident near the UAlbany uptown campus the week prior.

The inititial news of the accident came but one day after my sending her a gift. While perusing e-bay's rock & roll memorabilia section, I ran across an original show poster from the Stones' Some Girls USA tour. This was an easy one: wouldn't that look kewl in one of Diva's local shops? Of course it would, so a quick PayPal transaction sent it here, and a quick re-packaging sent it to Troy.

It's rare to find a young, single, high energy individual -- as per Ms D -- having hit the pause button in the middle of a major business expansion initiative to put together a business succession plan in the event disaster strikes. So, it is unknown whether Some Girls will have a life beyond that of its founder and guiding spirit.

I hope somehow it does, for that would be the perfect tribute to her. If so, I also hope that poster makes it up on the wall as well.

Photo by Melissa Ann Argay, Expressions Photography



Femme Bot said...

I am devastated by the loss of my friend and fashion advisor supremo, the amazing Diva. I know she is a national celebrity for those in the know about all things fashionista. But for me, Diva, her shop with shag rugs, a chaise lounge for when a gal just needed to lie down, and her tiny dog Morsel, comprised a refuge in the heart of Albany. I admired her in life. I miss her terribly, now. Diva created a little heaven on earth at Some Girls, Colvin Ave. She is surely in heaven now, planning on a new clothing line for the angels....

Sparkle Babe said...

My sympathies to her family, friends and her group of young helpers that obviously loved her as more than a boss.

My sympathies to you, as well, on the loss of your pal.


Nicely done. I used to stop by her shop to say hi to her and her little dog. Such a shame.

I hope the little pooch is being taken care of, because I know he must be missing her very much.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I live right across the street from where Diva was killed - I see her white memorial bike everyday when I cross that dangerous intersection. I don't know if her family will ever see this post - I hope they will. My name is John Halstead. I am a budding entrepreneur with a passion for life much like that of Diva's. Because of her bike I've been blessed with the daily reminder that life can unexpectedly end at any moment for anyone, and therefore there is no time to waste and no challenge that should not be met with gratitude for the opportunity to live another day. I am a kid with a dream - a dream of building a technology company that I work hard everyday to bring into physical existence. It's not an easy life when you're burning the candle at both ends, striving for the moon even with feet still firmly earth bound. I have a feeling Diva knew this struggle early on in her vision and was able to overcome it. When I walk by that bike and the spot where she lay, I often feel that she's watching - waiting to see how I meet the challenges of the day; whether I will wither or rise. I am grateful for her even though I never met her - she's inspired me though I never knew her. I want to look back someday and know that if I walked by her bike again she would smile and so would I, knowing I didn't let her down. Thanks Diva - don't get too comfy, us youngsters need you're memory to inspire us.