Jun 13, 2007

Online grocery shopping eyes its comeback

Remember a few years back when the concept of buying groceries online was pushed? A cick-click, and delivery of that big box of Cap'n Crunch, right to your door.

A few national startups took a run at this business model and did big time crash and burns. Locally, Price Chopper even took a shot, but very quickly pulled the plug, cut its losses and no doubt started sending out internal memos asking "just whose stupid idea was this, anyways?"

We see now that this dead horse is back from the grave. Online retailing magawonder Amazon is in the grocery business.

Its Amazon Grocery now offers over 22,000 non-perishable items including "some of your favorite brands, shipped to your door," just like any other Amazon.com purchase.

This will be interesting to watch. You think Price Chopper's nervous --- or chuckling?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it hasn't made it to the 'burbs yet but it very popular in NYC. Fresh Direct and PeaPod have been successful. I had friends who said the produce was fresher than at the best grocery stores. I think it is a great idea that would eliminate everyone driving to the store polluting the environment with their SUV's that are not for off roading but for carting groceries on freshly paved highwways.